Since the Last decade there is increase in number of solar power generation plants in India and Worldwide. Which created a high demand for solar wires and cables. SunUsa industries private limited  is helping the renewable energy industries to utilise the opportunity and make it reality

Sunusa industries pvt ltd  is proud to contribute to renewable energy by supplying  solar power cables and wires to solar power plants.

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  Solar Power Cables and Wires:

Solar power wires also known as Photovoltaic wires or PV wires  is a single-conductor wire that is used to connect the panels of a photovoltaic electric energy system. PV systems, or solar panels, are electric-power generation systems that absorb sunlight in order to generate electricity through an energy conversion process. Electricity is generated at the panel and wiring is needed to convey the electrical energy back to a collection point or piece of equipment. Solar power cables and wires are  a specific kind of wires created for photovoltaic applications.

   Solar and photovoltaic cable applications:

Solar and PV cable applications are mainly used in residential and large scale solar farms. Some   of the specific areas that these cables are used for the applications  that include:

  •  Combiner Box to panel
  •  Power Inverter to combiner box
  •  Transformer to power inverter

      Advantages of solar cables and wires:

  • Solar cables and Wires will Increase Efficiency and  Minimize the Losses  in Cables in Solar Power Plants.
  • Value Addition with Copper Conductor & Life Cycle Advantage.
  • Photovoltaic modules operate at high temperatures and can withstand variety of extreme environmental conditions like high uv radiation, high temperatures. fire and flame retardant.
  • It is flexibile and recyclable and easily installable.
  • Resistant to chemicas like mineral oils, acids and alkaline.
  • Halogen-free: low smoke emission and low toxicity during fire.

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