The electricity generated from the solar panel is diverted into solar charge controller which is employed to give a constant output voltage and thus continuously recharge the lithium-ion battery, it also safe guard's the battery from overcharging. The output from the battery is then supplied to the infrared receiver module which supplies and regulates the output voltage according to instructions given from the remote control. The output from the receiver is varied and supplied to light up the LEDs present in the bulb.

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Advantages of Solar powered Led Bulb:

•     Low cost led light bulb with a battery which best serves during long power cuts,

       emergency lighting.

•    The total cost of a solar rechargeable led light bulb is Less by around 28% compared to            the  conventional CFL lighting system.

•     Can use it for both indoor and outdoor lighting

•     Portable - take it anywhere

•     Compact - can store it close at hand

•     Lightweight - easy to carry

•     Take it camping

•     Use it on your patio

•     Save power, ... use it in the house


Solar led bulb minimum charging requirements:

•   Use the panel to charge bulb in the sun for 8 hours for maximum function

•   The fully charged bulb will last about 5 hrs

•   The bulb can also be charged with a 5 to an 8-volt charger  (note:  a car charger is 5 volt)

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