Solar Mobile chargers are used to charge cell phones and other small electronic devices on the go. They are generally portable, but can also be fixed mount. Very useful in rural areas or wherever you are facing frequent power cuts.

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Working principle of solar mobile charger:

The working principle of solar mobile phone charger is converting the solar energy generated from a photovoltaic panel into electrical energy and passes the energy through a 5v regulator that is built-in the charger to protect user battery from high and low voltages greater than 5v.

Compared with the conventional mobile phone charger, solar mobile phone charger will have many advantages

Advantages  of  solar mobile  charger:

  • Solar power mobile charger is especially helpful and needed in emergency situations when you work or travel in the wild, or face a power outage, the solar charger can keep your laptop and phone working anywhere in any region or state, keeping in touch with your family and friend members.
  • With the use of solar energy that is green energy you can make your contribution to environmental protection; as there is will be no emission of harmful gases, toxicants Which in turn reduces the global warming.
  • Easy to use whenever and wherever you are, you can very easily charge your mobile or it is portable.
  • Save electricity bill in the long run
  • Battery life is more as high voltages are not developed.
  • Solar mobile charger uses low input voltage to generate high voltage spikes of output for charging.
  • Relatively small size allows mobile use
  • In solar mobile charger ripples will not be there as we use DC power directly to charge the mobile.
  • Versatility and adaptability of the Solar mobile charger is high

Applications of solar mobile chargers:

  • For low-power portable electronics, like small fans or calculator, a photovoltaic array may be a reasonable energy source rather than a battery. 
  • Solar mobile chargers can charge Ni-Cd battery bank or lead acid battery up to 48 Volts and hundreds of ampere-hours (up to 400 Ah) capacity. 
  • Small portable models are designed to charge a wide range of different mobile phones, iPods or other portable audio equipment. 
  •  Solar chargers permanently installed in public places, such as parks, squares, and streets, which passerby can use it for free.

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