This Street Light panels designed for outdoor application in un-electrified remote rural areas, also in the urban area to save energy cost. Most solar street light panels turn on and turn off automatically by sensing outdoor light using a light source and designed to work throughout the night. Many can stay lit for more than just one night not if sun in not available for a couple of days.

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         SunUSA Solar CFL and LED street lighting system

  • We offer solar street lighting system from 7 Watt to 45 Watt also provide customized solution as per requirement of wattage and brightness. Our solar is environment friendly and economical option to light up streets, Highways, Yards, Compounds, Parks, boundary walls, Car parking areas, Remote and inaccessible places wherever reliable lighting is desired.


Solar street light product features:

  • Dusk to Dawn operation with dimming features
  • Microcontroller-based intelligent power management driver circuit
  • Automatic reconnect on gaining charge
  • Automatic reconnect to module on discharge
  • Battery recharge and overload protection
  • High efficiency electronic circuitry
  • Standalone system
  • Pollution free power generation
  • Sturdy and durable GI poles

solar street light product benefits:

  • Revolutionary LED street lighting system solution for both rural and urban implementation
  • Highly effective and innovative alternative to conventional street lighting solutions
  • Less maintenance costs designed for years of usage
  • No need of switching on and switching off the lights
  • Green energy with high luminosity
  • Can be self-managed by the community/users in rural areas with minimum
  • Training

            Motive and Mission of SunUSA industries

  • Growing energy demand can be compensated and can be replaced completely by using a renewable energy source called solar.
  • To lighten the streets of rural areas with transmission lines as well as solar power where there is so many power cuts occurs or power outages.
  • Low maintenance and low power consumption with high longitivity and reliability.

 Advantages of using solar led street lights:

  • Elimination of manpower completely.
  • Reduced energy costs, greenhouse gas emission, and maintenance cost
  • Higher community satisfaction
  • 'SOLAR STREET LIGHTING’ is an eco-friendly, cost-effective, practical, and the safest way to save energy.
  • The solar Streetlight system clearly tackles the two problems that the world is facing today, saving of energy and also disposal of incandescent lamps, very efficiently.
  •  According to recent statistical data and recent surveys, we can save more electrical energy that is now consumed by the highways.

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